congrats! it’s a boy (3 of’em).

well, it’s official. we have invited a new act into the harding street assembly lab. CAVE DRUMS is the newest addition to HSAL. comprised of three men from our home town, including tim condon (herizon), the group is finishing work on their first release. we will be mixing the record at the lab this weekend, & hope to have everything (sounds & artwork) together by the end of february, with the release of HSAL #06. the group will also be featured on our upcoming digital only compilation…

…which should be released at the beginning of march! HSAL #08 will be our first foray into “samplers”, & will feature some of our favorite acts from virginia & north carolina:

moruza (richmond va)
herizon (lynchburg va)
andrew weathers (greensboro nc)
CAVE DRUMS (lynchburg va / charlotte nc)
white laces (richmond va)
asentimentalsong (lynchburg va)
starmount (raleigh nc)
brian hall (gladys va)
goodwill falcon (williamsburg va)
saskatoon (lynchburg va)
– perhaps a couple more (waiting to hear back from a few more acts)

the download will be available as a zip file for free right here. we are really excited about sharing these artists with you all, as they are good friends of the label with great sounds to share.

finally, TLVS is taking next week to finish up their “porcelain” 12″ LP (HSAL #03). we have heard all of the tracks that have been completed so far, & are convinced that this is their best work yet. the duo is also expecting to finish up another EP’s worth of work in these sessions, so don’t be surprised to find additional TLVS outings this calendar year.


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