what’s the buzz (tell me what’s happenin’)?

things are really taking shape for 2010 here at the harding street assembly lab. we have just confirmed that joanna will be presenting her collages, paintings, & other mixed media sundries in richmond next month! for those not familiar with joanna’s work per se, she is responsible for the cover of HSAL 02, as well as most everything that the late virginia summers has ever released. this will be joanna’s 3rd show in the past year, & her first exhibit in richmond. look for the harding street assembly lab to be on display, beginning january 31st, at harrison street coffee shop near the campus of VCU. If all goes to plan, the lab will be setting up a closing ceremony show with TLVS & some friends of ours from out that way, but more on that in the days ahead…

herizon’s tim condon spent the past weekend working on material for an upcoming release with his brother & musical ally aaron condon (the two have been an “on again, off again” songwriting team since the heyday of the national feather at the beginning of the last decade). hoping to venture into more “noisy, raucous” territory, the condon brothers are capturing the foundation for HSAL’s first small run cassette. no word on whether this will be a split release, as it all depends on the amount of material these sessions reap, & us finding someone daring enough to put their work up against the mighty herizon.

the late virginia summers are pushing & fighting their way towards the release of their first full length in nearly three years (although joe & nathan have managed a two EP’s & a 7” single, as well as a lineup change in that span). the LP, tentatively titled “porcelain”, looks to abandon much of the aesthetic of 2007’s “sundowning”, while retaining all the dark, yet hope-filled vibe. half of the record serves as a document to the material that the two piece has been performing live throughout 2009. the other half offers a look into the future direction of the band, one that draws a bit more heavily on volume & subtle accompaniment than any place the band has been to date. the track listing for “porcelain” is as follows (but, as always, subject to change):

“weathered stone”
“pebble azalea starfish”
“marbled atlantic”

“twilight wash”
“red buffalo check”
“deep persimmon”

as is typical, there are a few pieces that will remain on the cutting room floor for the time being. one such piece is a re-working of “heather majestic purple” (the original, 13 minute version can be heard here). all in all, TLVS will most likely have another EP’s worth of material that may show its face one day…

finally, we wanted to spread the good word on the new record by our good friend cj boyd. we are working towards a split 7” b/t our virgineola & his sextet, but we are simply wow’d by his most recent solo outing, “aerial roots”. If you are a fan of the lab, you owe it to yourself to get swallowed up by the cavernous spaces in this album.


2 thoughts on “what’s the buzz (tell me what’s happenin’)?

    • sir – received your package today. thanks for the cool mix CD-R. we will be mailing out your 7″ tomorrow afternoon, so you should be spinning the new TLVS by week’s end.

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