cover art for HSAL 01

HSAL 01: Herizon / Virgineola Split 7″ $5 PPD
Having been friends for nearly a decade (they played together in a rowdy, dark country band at the beginning of the decade), Tim Condon (Herizon) & Nathan McGlothlin (Virgineola) have brought their respective projects together for our 1st release! Herizon’s A side features Condon’s first available songs. “Home Again” & “All Gone” are haunting, somber pieces that travel to the mind’s darker recesses. The B side showcases a never before heard instrument for Virgineola. “Lorraine” is nearly a cappella, with a toy accordion providing the only accompaniment. The split ends with a previously recorded version of “Boyd’s Ferry” which has been a staple of the group’s live set all year.

AVAILABILITY: 7″, mixed colors, limited run of 300
ARTWORK: two mixed media collages, courtesy of herizon‘s tim condon.
PURCHASE: hardingstreet@gmail.com


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