HSAL all over VA this past weekend!


The Accidental Parade at the Wolves Den, 11/07/14. (courtesy of Oacar De la Whiney).

This past week saw TLVS making their way through some new haunts in familiar towns. Joe & Nathan FINALLY returned to the Tipsy Teapot & made some new fans down eastern Carolina way. In Norfolk, they met up with The Accidental Parade for a killer house show! Both bands brought their “A” game to the crowded house & memories were made. TLVS will be back on the Speakertree stage for one more 2014 live set on the 21st, when they open for Eternal Summers & Left & Right.

If you were in downtown Lynchburg this past Saturday, you no doubt saw the masses making their way to the parking deck on 10th b/t Commerce & Main. The Vintage Lynchburg expo was a really big, really classy showcase of the Hill City’s different creative types. Joanna presented her HSAL Art booth & featured dozens of holiday themed creations (ornaments, small houses, miniature trees, & the like). While the day was very successful for Joanna, she still has a small amount of inventory. She’s looking to place a few pieces in different boutiques locally & launch an Etsy shop for those who can’t get to Lynchburg before the holidays. STAY TUNED!

TLVS at the Wolves Den, 11/07/14 (courtesy of Oacar De la Whiney).

TLVS at the Wolves Den, 11/07/14 (courtesy of Oacar De la Whiney).


Upcoming HSAL Art Sighting!



Joanna has entered this Fall’s “Vintage Lynchburg” art expo. The expo, which happens Saturday, 11/08, at the Urban Arts Garage in downtown Lynchburg (entrance is on 10th b/t Commerce & Main) from 9A – 3P. She’ll be selling holiday themed creations as well as her usual assortment of mixed media wonderment.

You can find out more about Joanna’s creations at the “HSAL Art” page (the link is over on the right side of our site as well).


Where we’re going, we don’t need vocals!


HSAL Tape Bundle

SUMMER 2014 CASSETTE BUNDLE  - $13 PPD (shown from left to right):

Guilty Ghosts, “Veils”; TLVS, “Dreamers”; HSAL #04, “The Trail At Blackwater Creek”

While cleaning up around HSAL HQ, we found a few of these older cassettes & thought they would be cool to bundle with the new TLVS cassette (which we are also nearly out of!). There are no vocals on any of these releases, yet we firmly behind each artists’ abilities to communicate thoughts, feelings, & attitudes. You may recognize Guilty Ghosts from HSAL #19 – the Brooklyn native’s split 10″ with asentimentalsong. “Dreamers” is the most recent effort from TLVS & features “Claire Kincaid” from their upcoming LP, as well as some non-album material that the duo tracked themselves. HSAL #04 features members of TLVS & drone wunderkinds Parties. All in all, over two hours of space jams over three cassettes, each of which include digital downloads!


TO ORDER: hardingstreet at gmail dot com (we’ll set up a paypal link for you)




VIDEO from “Random Acts Of Culture”!


Thanks to Joanna McGlothlin for capturing these sights & sounds! Both groups will be playing out more & more this summer in support of new records. For the Parade, HSAL #22 is out now on LIMITED EDITION one-sided 150g 12″. For TLVS, “Dreamers” is a 22 minute cassette EP pre-cursor to their upcoming LP, “I Can Dream All Day”.

The Accidental Parade, “S. Norfolk Memorial”:

TLVS, “Claire Kinkaid”:


TLVS performing on a street corner!


Over the weekend, we were fortunate enough (weather & local connections wise) to curate an afternoon of live music in downtown Lynchburg. We were also able to capture some video from our bands! Here’s TLVS playing “Claire Kincaid” from their upcoming LP. We’ll post some live action from The Accidental Parade, who celebrated the release of their debut 12″ EP at this show, very soon!


HSAL #23 (“Dreamers” EP by TLVS)


HSAL #23: TLVS, “Dreamers” EP $6 (PPD)

The Harding Street Assembly Lab is delighted to bring you newly recorded sounds from The Late Virginia Summers (TLVS) in the form of “Dreamers”. While the band is currently shopping their (finally) finished LP, “I Can Dream All Day”, the two-piece put together this four song set. “Claire Kincaid” is a piece from the upcoming LP, & is featured in a non-LP mix here. There is also an epic composition (“Piece #62) that didn’t make the album, but was considered by the band as special enough to share. “Gave Up” is a sound collage assembled as the album was in its final mixing stage. The band also included (at our behest) a selection from “Hill City Eye & Ear Control” – a collaborative improv troupe featuring TLVS & a handful of friends.

Consider it a stop-gap in the TLVS catalog.
Consider it a way to add something new to the merch table while on tour.
Consider it a “thank you” from the band for continued patience while the LP was completed.

AVAILABILITY: white cassette + digital download, run of 50
ARTWORK: courtesy of TLVS


“Jerry” @ Winston’s (Chesapeake VA), 03/21/14


The Accidental Parade working the crowd with “Jerry” from their forthcoming EP (a one-sided 150g 12″). We should be receiving test presses here at the assembly lab any day now! You can pre-order HSAL #22 here.


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