VIDEO from “Random Acts Of Culture”!


Thanks to Joanna McGlothlin for capturing these sights & sounds! Both groups will be playing out more & more this summer in support of new records. For the Parade, HSAL #22 is out now on LIMITED EDITION one-sided 150g 12″. For TLVS, “Dreamers” is a 22 minute cassette EP pre-cursor to their upcoming LP, “I Can Dream All Day”.

The Accidental Parade, “S. Norfolk Memorial”:

TLVS, “Claire Kinkaid”:


TLVS performing on a street corner!


Over the weekend, we were fortunate enough (weather & local connections wise) to curate an afternoon of live music in downtown Lynchburg. We were also able to capture some video from our bands! Here’s TLVS playing “Claire Kincaid” from their upcoming LP. We’ll post some live action from The Accidental Parade, who celebrated the release of their debut 12″ EP at this show, very soon!


HSAL #23 (“Dreamers” EP by TLVS)


HSAL #23: TLVS, “Dreamers” EP $6 (PPD)

The Harding Street Assembly Lab is delighted to bring you newly recorded sounds from The Late Virginia Summers (TLVS) in the form of “Dreamers”. While the band is currently shopping their (finally) finished LP, “I Can Dream All Day”, the two-piece put together this four song set. “Claire Kincaid” is a piece from the upcoming LP, & is featured in a non-LP mix here. There is also an epic composition (“Piece #62) that didn’t make the album, but was considered by the band as special enough to share. “Gave Up” is a sound collage assembled as the album was in its final mixing stage. The band also included (at our behest) a selection from “Hill City Eye & Ear Control” – a collaborative improv troupe featuring TLVS & a handful of friends.

Consider it a stop-gap in the TLVS catalog.
Consider it a way to add something new to the merch table while on tour.
Consider it a “thank you” from the band for continued patience while the LP was completed.

AVAILABILITY: white cassette + digital download, run of 50
ARTWORK: courtesy of TLVS


“Jerry” @ Winston’s (Chesapeake VA), 03/21/14


The Accidental Parade working the crowd with “Jerry” from their forthcoming EP (a one-sided 150g 12″). We should be receiving test presses here at the assembly lab any day now! You can pre-order HSAL #22 here.


Hill City Eye & Ear Control


Hill City Eye & Ear Control Logo

“Hill City Eye & Ear Control” is a collective of HSAL related musicians collectively pushing the boundaries of “background music”. The group is features a wide array of “rock music” instruments played by members of Seamonster, TLVS, The Wright 3, & Orquestra Altavista to name a few. They will perform as part of Endstation Theatre Company‘s annual “Sonnets & Chocolates” event this weekend. If all goes well, some of the performances will be captured & released digitally in an effort to stir up hype for an eventual release of some sort. Stay tuned.


HSAL #22 (The Accidental Parade 12″ EP)


HSAL #22 (one-sided 12

HSAL #22: The Accidental Parade 12″ EP $15 (PPD)

HSAL #22 is the one-sided 12″ EP debut from The Accidental Parade, a bass guitar/trap set duet. Their sound harkens back to a simpler time, when bands still traded cassette demos at house shows. When the internet hadn’t been established as THE mode of communication & simple, catchy hooks weren’t tucked into layers of digital beats & song samples. When post-adolescents were hopeful for the next Touch & Go signing & their copy of the new Dischord catalog to arrive in the post.

The set here is six economical jams, tracked in a single January weekend up in Richmond with Kelly Posadas. We put the entire set on a single side of 150 gram black vinyl. We also invited the band to design the entire presentation. They went with red tip-on jackets, hand-made artwork, & inserts.

AVAILABILITY: one-sided 150g black vinyl + digital download, run of 100
ARTWORK: courtesy of the accidental parade


friends & family (’tis the season)!


2013 has come to a close & we here at HSAL are thrilled beyond measure to be gearing up for a fan-freakin’-tastic 2014! First off, two of our music groups are finishing up recordings that will be out on wax in the coming months. The Accidental Parade is a two piece post-hardcore outfit from South Norfolk whose sound harkens back to Unwed Sailor’s “Firecracker” or those first few Diagonah singles but feels a smidge darker. These fellas are shooting for a February release of their debut release, a one-sided 12″ EP tracked up in Richmond this past weekend with Kelly Rosadas. We’ll be launching a Kickstarter for this release in the days to come as a “pre-order” of sorts. It will allow you purchase a copy of the EP weeks before it’s actual street date. Stay tuned…

TLVS is hitting the studio this weekend (FINALLY!). Joe & Nathan will be tracking nearly an hour’s worth of spacey guitar washes, catchy melodies, & urgent percussion with Jon Anderson. They are planning a few special guests for this session & pulling out some new (to the band’s sound) instruments for this LP. We’re pumped to hear the results…& to share said results with you! If all goes to plan, the duet will be tracking some extra tunes for additional projects while down in Virginia Beach.

Our hearts are also warmed by good news from friends who are working on future releases themselves! Hoax Hunters, White Laces, & Bombardier are all in various stages of writing, recording, & releasing their latest efforts. If you’re out & about in the Mid-Atlantic, you would be doing yourself a favor to check these groups out (recorded or live).


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